Obedient to Love

The greatest command begins with “Hear, O Israel”. This command uses a common literary formula that calls people to listen to the important words to follow. God identifies himself and his chief characteristic of oneness. Then God does the impossible by commanding the people to “love the Lord [their] God with all [their] heart, soul and strength” (Dt 6:4). Obedience to love God is the foundation for devotion to the law.
The New Testament picks up the theme of obedience to love in Matthew 22:37-40 when Jesus acknowledges that the greatest commandment, and devotion to God through the command, sums up the Mosaic law and the prophets. Jesus affirms Deuteronomy 6:4 by claiming it the seat of Christian religion. Obedience to love God remains the most basic devotion. Many church people experience the results of failing devotion, ostentatious faith, and lazy leadership. Many others experience the same matters because there exists no obedience to love among the people of God. Godly affection that drives devotion prepares the heart for God’s work. It is this godly affection, that is, obedience to love, that we ought to pursue.

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