Praise and Song

Praise tends to the musical expression.  When one first hears of praise, the natural thought is music.  In fact, it seems God gave music for this function.  Praise flows rhythmically from the lips of the saints.  The Psalms exemplify saintly praise and prophetic instruction.  The tradition of musical praise continues strongly but absent is the prophetic instruction.

Praise, however, is not praise because of the musical component but because of the prophetic content.  So it seems musical praise must contain two critical components:

  1. Praise speaks the benefits, person, and actions of God either to him or about him.  Praise balances complaint and anxiety.  It follows every strand of thought about God.  All occasions earn God praise.
  2. Praise speaks true, prophetic words to the saints and the world.  Praise exists in the heavens and on earth; a truly transcendent and eternal activity.  Through praise the saints learn better the doctrine of God, the true Gospel, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise that excludes either component lacks the qualities of praise for God and is, therefore, empty.

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