Political Stirrings

The Christian response to the political process is an oft-engaged issue.  This article is not that discussion.  Christians should participate in the political process; we have the opportunity to represent the just, true, and good from the perspective of God who created the people political systems govern.  Christians have keen insight into how a society should work… but that is another topic.  This article looks at the stirring political agendas cause within Christians and their churches when inordinate emphasis is placed upon the subject.

1 Peter 2:2 commands believers to “long for pure spiritual milk.”  The grammatical structure and usage of language suggests that believers should make longing for spiritual content their priority.  Given the command, it is sinful to place more emphasis on politics (or anything else) than one places on spiritual matters.  For instance, spending the morning reading the headlines about the recent political races, cheering one’s candidate for victory, distressing over the state of the country, etc., have a proper place.  Believers involved in political discourse provide great direction for others less knowledgeable.  The error is in thinking that political process will change the level of godliness of a country.  A believer, in order to be informed about political matters, must be informed about spiritual matters.    A well-informed politically minded, conservative believer who has no sense of biblical truth is an unprepared voter.  Thus the headlines, candidates, and political races mean little without the spiritual pursuit required to discover God’s principles.

Peter emphasizes the way in which believers view spiritual content.  He commands them to long for it as an infant longs for milk.  Spiritual content is the source of life and understanding and communion with God.  Without a longing for pure spiritual content believers are ill-equipped to discern truth from error.  Too many substitute a conservative political agenda for Christian truth.  To do so is sin.  Avoid lobbies, agendas, and argumentation not based on truth.  Compare the political position and the character of the candidate with the Scripture.  Political position flows from character.  An immoral leader will not produce godly results.  Vote prayerfully.  Vote as often as an election is held.

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