Centered on the Gospel: Romans 1:1-17

Being included in Jesus Christ is according to God’s calling. This calling is for the Gospel purpose. For this reason, we must remember to centralize the Gospel in all our activities. The call of God is not to activity without theology nor theology without activity. God’s call to the Gospel is to faith obedience. That’s when the adventure begins with God. When our will submits to the revealed truth of the Gospel, when our finances submit to the will of God, when our love for our spouse, family and neighbors reflects the love of God rather than the fickleness of our own personality. Faith obedience is devotion with content, knowledge with action, right reasoning with right response. Faith obedience is focused on God’s glory through obedience and steadfast faith through perseverance. A Gospel centered life is not fickle, trite or easily dissuaded.

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