Waiting for God

Waiting for God takes many forms.  Some wait for God while they meander for new job choices.  Others wait for God feeling purposeless and meaningless.  Stresses cave in on joy as waiting for a brief time turns to lengthy months.  All desire something other than waiting.  People like to be on the inside of the action rather than seated helpless on the sidelines.

A quick journey through the months of life reveals a great many days that seem less than important when advancing the Gospel.  Sometimes those days turn to months and even years.  What is God doing on the off days?  One reads the Scripture and finds heroes of faith like Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah, or Daniel.  In twenty minutes to an hour, one can read fifty years in the lives of these heroes.  They participated in God’s mighty plan.  Closer evaluation, however, reveals that these men all faced extended times of waiting and failed during those times.  Ishmael is the product of Abraham’s anxiety over his waiting, Moses waited forty years to lead a people out of slavery, David endured all Saul’s reign as the anointed king but not the seated king, Jeremiah endured fifty years of being ignored, and Daniel quietly served in Babylonian captivity with only occasional opportunities for significance.

God makes people wait.  Even the biggest heroes in Scripture faced significant times where God did not respond, act, or move them forward.  So, what do we do when we wait?  Stay tuned…

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