Solution to Tyranny

Remember, unrighteousness produces tyranny and righteousness produces liberty. Christian people alone have been empowered by God’s Spirit to live righteously. The American society depends on Christian people self-governing. While not all people will come to faith in Jesus Christ, many may still adopt qualities of self-government in their way of life. For our witness to again gain power, we have to change our perspective a bit.
The solution to what ails our nation rests entirely outside the political arena. Christian faith teaches Christ-like self-governance despite circumstances. Paul wrote to men and women, slaves and freemen, Jews and Gentiles. His commands from God provided no caveats for circumstance. Our witness becomes credible in direct proportion to the impact our faith has on the order of our personal lives. One glaring arena of order where we lack credibility is divorce. We display order by abandoning divorce in exchange for marital happiness. Marital happiness produces disciplined children and filled churches. Solving the divorce issue will begin to heal the homosexual issue.
Next, we commit ourselves to knowing our faith. Our families need greater content. For the family that means creating time to learn the Scriptures, worship, and discuss the merits and theology of our faith. Education must be relocated in the home. Each family has a unique situation, so education choices will vary, but whatever decision the family makes must include ample time to face the wrong-headed notions taught as fact in school. My family homeschools but we still have to engage what the texts the kids are reading have to say. Parents in any circumstance need to either ratify or veto the content their children are learning in school. In order for parents to accomplish the screening process, they will have to know their own faith.
Finally, reach out to neighbors and co-workers. Being a credible witness to Christ and knowing the content of your faith will make you the source for answers among the disordered lives of others. It’s easy to look at the giant picture and feel powerless and overwhelmed. In fact, our opponents have been counting on us to fight the big battles in order to cover the subtle flanking movement. Reaching out to individuals is our calling in the Lord. It’s not a big action or a huge effort. It does, however, lend credibility to our faith. We self-govern because of our faith. Others can learn to self-govern as well. Remember, they love and hate the government. As soon as they see they don’t really need the nanny-state, that God has given them their dignity back, they will think better of their choices.
The church is the key to solving the ideology problem our country faces. In order for the church to be healthy, however, the individuals in it have to be willing. Be willing to let God restore order to your life. It’s good for us all.

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