These Divided People – Some Solutions

Continued from These Divided People

Second, kill politically correct speech by substituting gracious speech.  Gracious speech repairs people without flattering or placating them.  In an age where emotional reaction to words is given more weight than logical content of those words, gracious speech can flourish.  Words that enrage people should be omitted.  Yet, in order to speak graciously, Christian people have to speak ideas that may incite reaction.  Political correctness is an effort to silence ideas, not just words.  Gracious speech flourishes because it naturally ties racial fates together.  Gracious speech grows from the heart of God.  We were all sinners and we all needed the same kind of remedy in Christ.  So it is with the racial and social troubles of our day.  Gracious speech corrects erroneous ways of thinking present in all people.

Finally, The New Racism needs a victim class of people.  It infects people not just along racial lines but also along economic lines.  Allow no one to be a victim and the New Racism has no culture on which to grow.  Christian people know what it is to live victorious lives.  God provides no excuses for Christian to be victims.  Whether wrongly treated, poorly financed, under educated, or oppressed, the Christian need only look at Jesus’ life to know where true victory grows.  Victory is not in attainment but in the process of pursuing God’s purposes.  Churches can equip the poor without cradling them.  Churches can inspire the rich to good works without flattering them.  The Gospel of Christ advanced in the Roman Empire on the tongues of slaves.  Because believers understood God had a purpose for their social circumstances, they understood they could not be victims of those circumstances.

Such thinking would destroy the New Racism.  Such thinking would make Lincoln proud.

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