The God Who Can and the God Who Does – Daniel 3

Speaking of Daniel 3:16-18

Some conversations are necessarily long and detailed and others short and to the point.  This is a short conversation.  Hannaniah, Meshael, and Azariah call on the king to act in accordance with what he has planned to do.  They do not run to death but resign themselves to God’s will in this matter.  The other rulers and the king charge these three with rebellion and treachery and wrongdoing because they refuse to acknowledge the gods of the king.  The three decide that God is worthy of death and they defy the king.  Their refusal is unconditional.  God can deliver, that is, he is able.  God has a divine will to keep, so he may not deliver.  But regardless of the circumstance, the God who can deliver but will not and the God who can deliver and does is nonetheless worthy of full devotion.  The three express their devotion to God as an unconditional product of their faith.

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