Psalm 5 – Prayers of Despair Lead to Prayers of Joy

Prayer that begins in despair and concludes with selfish insistence cannot garner the refreshing assurance of God. Those who love God endure through the demise and plot of the wicked. David’s invocation [in Psalm 5] exalts the person of God and submits the will to his designs. Faithful prayer draws on the character of God. Prayer is a means of submitting oneself to the spiritual demands and regal headship of Christ. Prayer aligns human will to respond rightly to God. It is not a means of pushing God to action. David does not indict his foes because he presupposes God’s will, rather he aligns himself to the spiritual battle that underpins the advancing faction. All prayer reflects the supplicant’s faith in the power, presence, and character of God and the required human response.

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