Family in the Fall, The Good Life

God creates life, order, glory, and community.  The smallest piece of this quality, by creation, was commuted to humanity such that he would become a herald of these same qualities.  Christian families, because of the Fall, must wrestle though the dissipation of sin, but they yet have opportunity to generate life, order, glory and community.  In fact, it seems that in recovering our purpose the image of God connected to our character begins to shine again.  The character of a restored purpose to bring God glory through the efforts we exert, the work we do, and the order we express unlocks God’s values to our community.  Flesh is not evil.  Life is not misery.  The earth is not frail.  Humanity was to bend to his will the wildness
of this earth to maximize and amplify the exaltation of God.  We were made for worship!

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