Prayers for Deliverance

When believers pray for deliverance and seek God for relief they need to understand the character of God and his means of protection. It’s not often that God avenges through fireballs and hailstones. Most often, God avenges by foiling plans. He protects his righteous people by destroying the plans of the unrighteous. Plenty of working people face extortion and compromise every day in their workplace. When they refuse to go along with the community of thieving, partying, or debauchery they become targets of the “wolf-pack”. To pray for security against enemies is to ask God to judge righteously you as well as your enemy. Prayer is confession, submission, and justification. Justification in prayer depends on your repentance and your request to escape the devises of your opponents. Often, given long enough, the mischief of the wicked will be their own grave.

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