Made for Work – Why Men Need to Work

Men must work. God crowned his creation with honor and dignity according to the way it was created. A plant finds honor and dignity by growing and leafing and producing seed. We bless a plant that produces. The earth is bountiful and plentiful to fill the bellies of 7 billion people. Men also find dignity in doing that which they were created to do. Two persons reside in our account. The first is Yahweh Elohim. Prior verses referred to God in the generic and majestic “Elohim”. But now the author uses God’s personal name in conjunction with his majestic name. Yahweh Elohim sends the rain and men till the soil. The arid expanse that will become the garden of God requires two persons in a tight relationship. It seems the author uses the personal Yahweh to connect to the person of the land.

One author rightly said, “God is not a tiller of soil and man is not a sender of rain” (Hamilton 153, NICOT, Genesis). If this arid patch of land is to produce a life-giving garden, God will have to send the rain on the man’s work. Yahweh Elohim built in a relationship with men. This relationship depended on their work to sustain. In the context of working for God’s glory, men find closer relationship with God. A man’s work should honor God. It can only honor God if his relationship with God produces his motivation to work. The work men do does not produce a relationship with God. Instead, the relationship with God produces better work from men.

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