Five Ways Homosexual “Marriage” Damages Our Nation

The Supreme Court decided same-sex “marriages” can begin in Alabama.  Besides the concerns for state’s rights and legislative actions from an out-of-control judiciary that trumps voters, the bigger concern is for the health of our society.  As a pastor, I hear from people in my congregation that struggle to reconcile the homosexual practices of their kids and grandkids.  They are increasingly silenced in their concerns and in their families.  To my pastor friends who still hold Scriptural conviction, we’ve nearly lost this battle.  So, I get it, the majority of people don’t care about this issue or think the issue is even a government issue.  Why care what people do in their private lives?

But we should care – secular or religious – because these actions damage our nation in at least five ways:

1. Homosexual behavior (or orientation – I make no distinction nor do I lend credibility to the notion that “God made me this way”) defies basic (and obvious) human order.  Any society has to be able to define what is “normal” and what is “abnormal” behavior.  Homosexuality is contra basic anatomical norms.  We understand the principle of norms.  You stop at a red light and go on a green light – basic order we all depend upon for safety.  Normalizing homosexuality requires blindness to basic order expressed by our anatomy – it can’t get much more basic than that.

2. Homosexuality contaminates civil rights successes.  Civil rights sought to make equal in worth and legal status and social treatment people with obvious skin tone differences.  The  civil rights claim is that skin tone does not determine the human worth – God made all people of all skin tones.  Because our humanity is determined by God rather than skin tone, we can be at peace with one another.  Homosexuality seeks to make people equal based on sexual behavior.  They throw away the obvious anatomical heterosexual orientation God made in people.  Homosexuality wants society to value people for their behavior.  Civil rights wanted society to value people for their nature.  Civil rights was correct but homosexual “rights’ is wrong-headed.

3. Homosexuality is a power play, not an equality play.  Following from the above point, people are valuable because of their God-made image rather than their behavior.  If we begin to judge individual worth based on behavior, we will begin (continue) to destroy one another.  We will judge the poor and the elderly and the unborn as less worthy because their behavior is less valuable to us.  Furthermore, homosexual behavior does not value the basic utility of the opposite gender.  They use the opposite gender for incubators (in the case of gays) or sperm donors (in the case of lesbian couples).  Utility begins to define worth.

4. Homosexuality capitalizes feelings over restraint.  Though the stated ploy has been that the government should not prevent “love,” that in no way explains the push for legalized unions.  Society works when people show restraint from their impulses.  Homosexual behavior is the pursuit of feelings or attractions without any payout for the society that accepts it.

5. Homosexuality does not benefit a society.  Homosexuality is the casting off of all definitions of normalcy.  What it means to be a man or a woman becomes completely subjective.  Such a shaky foundation promises emotional problems and identity crises.  Children are at the mercy of parents who are uncertain of the function of their own anatomy.  Such a basic confusion means children will spend more time trying to discover what expectations they should strive toward.  They will flounder in a torrent of messages that encourage no solid identity, no allegiance except to themselves, and a fundamental narcissism demonstrated by their parents.  Kids need strong images of expectations society holds for them.  They need an identity that is more than sexual orientation.

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