Should You Enter Politics?

Should you enter politics? I believe God commissions some to enter the political fray. In that world, known for its lies and intrigue, living a Spirit-minded life requires great tenacity and dedication. Some have that type of spiritual muscle and some do not. Politicians we can support are those who are reluctant with power but are wise in its wielding. The power hungry are thinking in the flesh. The power reluctant recognize the importance of power being located in the hands of righteous and just people. If Spirit-minded people do not run for public office, we stand to lose power that provides liberty for many. After all, Christian ideals produced the foundations of thought that led to our present nation. The Christian ideal of human worth, spiritual accountability, and religious liberty produced a nation that reflected those ideals. We have not always maintained those ideals (think slavery and abortion) but we have certainly warred when flesh-minded politicians stretched too far from those foundations. Power in the hands of Spirit-minded leaders produces peace and life for all. Power in the hands of flesh-minded politicians produces death and disorder without end.  We need more Spirit-minded politicians.

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