I Need Ministers More Than Money

As I ponder our next move as a church, how we will engage in Gospel ministry to teachers and students, retirees and laborers, parents and singles, moms and dads and kids, I realize a stunning truth.  I don’t need more money, I need more people!  Before you stop writing the check, I need money for ministry!  Keep it coming.  What I mean is just how abundant money is compared to the bodies it takes to accomplish the work.

For instance, I may have money for mentoring but do I have mentors for all the kids that need mentors?  Kids need a personal touch from someone who is constant and caring.  The kids I work with need an anchor adult in their lives.  Money can’t facilitate that.  Consider the single mom.  She needs money but more than that she needs time and people to encourage her to keep mothering her children with grace and hope.

My mantra remains true: if you endeavor to give big, make sure you also work big!  People change lives!  Plug in today.

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