Top 5 Benefits of Christian Faith in Society

In light of the new Pew Research Center’s study on the changing religious landscape in America (especially among 18-30 year olds), I thought it might be good to review what we will lose if we suppress Christian faith in America.  Christian Faith has benefited our society in at least five ways.

1.  Self Governance: Only faith that produces an internal sense of morality and responsibility alongside the belief that God’s work is internal and spiritual produces a normal, cultural morality.  Christian faith is internal and spiritual.  The early founders believed that people could self govern only when they believed that they were accountable to God more so than to law.

2.  Rule of Law:  The alternative to Rule of Law is dictatorial power seated in the government.  Because the founders believed that Christian people could self govern and could cause other non-believers to follow their moral example, they took a chance on Rule of Law instead of establishing a kingdom.  Christian faith that produces self governed people who internally desire to do right, permits Rule of Law instead of monarchy.  De-Christianizing leads dictatorship.

3. Justice:  Christians believe that right and wrong, good and evil are objective qualities based on God’s unchanging character.  Justice is the application of God’s character to the conduct of humans.  People are born evil, enslaved to sin.  As a result, law meets out justice on law breakers, endorses and rewards productive behavior, and protects the least.  Christians believe that people act according to their evil nature, not because of inequality, poverty, or upbringing.  Anyone can do right and what is “right” is objective and unchanging.

4.  Benevolence:  Americans are giving people.  Their investments in human welfare and helping the poor make it possible for many to raise themselves out of poverty.  Likewise, Christians do not believe that military power equals imperial right.  Christians believe that power comes with a demand for benevolence reflected perfectly from the character of God himself through Jesus Christ.

5.  Military Dominance:  Because Christians expect evil from other humans, they also believe they should protect themselves.  Military dominance in the hands of a benevolent and good people is a force for good in the world.  Military dominance used for just causes and guided by Christian love suppresses evil around the world.  With a stronger sense of Christian faith, we would have destroyed ISIS already.

The loss of Christian principles through the suppression of Christian people will result in the loss of freedom, growth of frivolous lawsuits, injustice and social privilege, stinginess and misuse of power, and military decay.  The United States will be less free and the world will become increasingly dangerous.  Christians have created a better world.  Their absence will mean a worse world.

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