Liberty or Death – the Role of Christian Faith in Liberty

Today, July 4th, I want to provide three brief highlights of how political liberty is tied together with Christian faith. In short, without Christian faith there is only tyranny.

First, Liberty is the result of accountability to God.
The reason for U.S. liberty has always been a strong sense that God cared what we were doing. Abolitionist felt this way about slavery and saw the Civil War as judgment from God for the offense of slavery. The Framers understood that self-governance was only possible if individual people understood they answered for all their actions to God…the Christian God!

Second, Popularized evil produces tyranny.
People are evil. History has revealed this fact time and again. The greatest danger in a self-governed people is from one another because the government has little power. If you consider your daily life, you probably live in more fear of thugs than of police. However, if the sinful desires of our hearts are unbridled from the fear of God, we have much to fear from each other. Instead of the Christian priority of love for one another, we covetous like Cain and kill our brothers. Without Christian fear of God, we install tyrants to protect us from other people, but who will protect us from the Tyrant?

Third, Your mission in Christ is a common good for all.
The world is evil. We’re not the product of our environment but the producers of wicked actions grown in a wicked heart. In Christ Jesus we begin to overcome our wickedness and love one another. Your Christian morality, when imposed on a society, causes liberty to flourish. Your Christian ideas about marriage, family, self-governance, law abiding, and authority produce social goods through common grace. God will bless the wicked people around you when your ideas prevail. Don’t be afraid of your ideas! Fight for the people who hate your ideas lest their ideas cast us all into destruction.

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