5 Threats to Our Teens and How to Protect Their Future

Our teens face threats from all angles. Whether its friends or media or emotions, our teens have to protect their future by acting wisely today. In this complex world of voices, parents have to navigate their kids as best they can. Because this challenge is universal to all parents of all times, God provided Proverbs to help us out. Proverbs outlines five chief threats to our teens and explains how parents can help them protect their future.
1. The Threat from the Crowd: Proverbs begins by warning kids from following their peers and ignoring the wisdom of God. If you want your teen to traverse the perils of Jr. High and High School, teach them to know God and remain an active voice of wisdom in their lives. Their friends can’t lead them to good ends. Remain involved and pursue God.
2. The Threat from the Class Clown: Proverbs calls the Class Clown a “scoffer”. This person thinks the rules were made to be broken. God makes wisdom available (characterized as a woman yelling loudly from the head of the market), but scoffers attempt to convince your teen to ignore God’s wisdom. Enforce discipline in the home often and early in order to protect your teen from being the class clown or following the disrespectful pattern of the class clown.
3. The Threat from the Flatterer: Proverbs warns the teen to stay far from the flattery of older people. This flattery can flow from media sources or from irresponsible people who emphasize the wrong choices, glorify overgrown childishness, or seek to use your teen for profit and evil. Recruiters and marketers can fall into this category. Protect your teen by talking through their choices and limiting their access to media.
4. The Threat from the Forbidden Woman or Man: The forbidden man or woman is anyone who does not believe in Christ Jesus. Temptation to date and experiment with love surround our teens and distract them. Protect your teen by refusing to let them date. Describe the type of godly qualities your teen should seek in a future spouse and refuse to treat as “cute” their infantile “crush”. Experimenting with love is a dangerous task and a huge distraction.
5. The Threat of Pride: Last but not least, Proverbs warns against forgetting God’s instruction as a teen ages. Pride is natural among teens but becomes a threat when it imperils their ability to listen to God. Teens have to learn to trust in God for their future success and to trust in God’s wisdom for what they believe. Pride and self-confidence threaten to shake our teens away from their moorings to God’s Word. Encourage your teen to remain with Jesus Christ and his word by living a growing and thriving faith.

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