Cana Church: Now What

Now that a new pastor is coming in – since the selection is made, the promise has turned to reality – the question is, “Now what?” I think that’s a great question.

First, we begin by worshipping together. It was a refreshing time the morning we arrived. You sang out. You worshipped God! Let’s start by worshipping our Lord together. Worship, at its basic footing, is a right response to God. The first thing we need to do is respond rightly to God. That means some of you need to play in the band, sing in the choir, teach children, greet guests, evangelize, disciple, learn in Sunday School, serve widows, work in the nursery, get with the mission! Worship is right response to God. That’s what it means to worship together.

Second, we will celebrate the holiday season together. I will begin by preaching into Luke and the Incarnation of Christ. At the New Year, I will shift to Philippians. In both cases we will ask the Lord to guide us by his Word and help us grow together in the efforts he has for us to accomplish. I do hope you are ready to work together…I love to work!

Third, we’ll be thankful for all the challenges God will cause us to meet. We want to improve all our ministry efforts. Our Seminary interaction will include a weekly meeting for discussion and practical ministry growth. Both men and women are included – details to come. We will spend time growing deeper in individual and small group discipleship groups. We will hone our print media and online presence. We will amplify our worship times. We will spend time thinking about and implementing disciple-making evangelistic efforts. We will work on our greeting ministry to help people more easily tie in to Life Groups and Morning worship. We will highlight our youth and children’s ministry efforts. If you want a great church, by the way, start ministering with our kids and youth. They NEED you! We will develop our singles and college outreach along with our senior adult ministry. I believe the greatest missionary force to Millennials are senior adults. We will reach people with special needs and special needs families. We will send missionaries, provide comfort and support for those in the field, and open new mission opportunities as the Lord guides.

We will be a gospel-centered and text-driven church with a tremendous mission. The only limitation we will face is our own willingness to worship Christ Jesus. What is your “spiritual act of worship?” I hope you are ready to respond rightly to God.

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