Three Small Ways to Practice Big Faith

Faith, however, is not built upon those big events but upon small devotion.

We like to focus on the big things of life.  Big events, big success, and big money entice us.  Big, positive occasions are great fun but come with the big risks of big failure.  Many people feel they are waiting for their big break or their “strike it rich” moment.  In the process of waiting we tend to neglect the building blocks of faith – we neglect doing the small things well.

The Bible is full of big miracles and historical accounts of ways that God moved in incredible manner.  These historic events, like the parting of the Red Sea or resurrection of Lazarus from the dead, are the exceptions.  They are big events.  Faith, however, is not built upon those big events but upon small devotion.  Small devotion reflects faith in a big God.  Here, I think, resides the lost secret to true connection with God.  In our emphasis on big things, we neglect the small devotion that truly pleases God.

So how do we please God?

  1. First, we believe in Jesus Christ. Without faith no one can please God.
  2. Once you believe in Jesus Christ, then do the small things well. Pray regularly, daily, intentionally.  Ask God about your attitude rather than your occasion.  Rather than praying for healing (though there remains a place and time for such prayers), pray for the correct attitude to handle the trials.  Rather than praying for justice, pray for the ability to show mercy.  Prayer is no small thing but those who pray faithfully have big faith in a big God.
  3. Praise God. Praise grows from gratitude and honor for God. Praise must grow out of regard for who God is rather than in reaction to what God does.  Praise is a discipline that pleases God.  Small devotion in prayer and praise lays the foundation upon which God builds his big work.

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