Why This Child Has Been Tearing Me Up

I am not always the quickest on matters of justice. I don’t always think about them as sensitively as I should. But this situation, https://www.gofundme.com/raising-carly, has really stirred me lately about a dormant work within our Christ-following. For $8,000 we could help a child be resettled into a family pursuing the truth of Christ Jesus. That’s less than the cost of most of our baptisms if you count staffing, utilities, etc.

I know money is a crass way of gauging anything’s worth. Much less the worth of a child – it’s outright filthy to measure the worth of a child by money. What would we give to rescue a child? – much more than $8,000. And that has prompted the real urgency in my heart because we could raise the funds to rescue a child we know, one living with a proven family serving the Lord Jesus beside us.

Maybe sometimes we calculate the costs rather than seeing the spiritual opportunities. We don’t line-item fund adoptions or place them within the overall mission perspective of our congregations. I think this is a hole in our gospel expression. The church has long seen its mission to the widow and orphan as a critical feature of its religion. We staff our widow ministry with deacons but we have not tasked anyone to our orphans. We have permitted the state to look after them. Among believers there ought not be any orphans. Maybe the Lord has used this little girl as a wake-up call to me. This is a low-cost matter of justice with a huge redemptive return. Carly matters to God. $8,000 helps us demonstrate that.

Give. https://www.gofundme.com/raising-carly

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