Cana Vision Follow Up

First, Cana Vision Sundays were a huge success. We had high turnout! That told me people were excited about the direction Cana Church is going. Buckle up, it’s going to be exciting.

I mentioned many ministry areas we would engage over the previous two weeks. Our goal, if you remember is 80% of the congregation involved in ministry and mission. You have responded to the sparse details within the actual presentations with questions like, “What is a ‘Hub Family’?” Good question, so here is a quick collection of definitions to clarify and help you decide how you might plug-in.

Hub Family: A central family that connects 10 other families together. The connections are cross generational and across Life Groups/Ministries. The objective for the hub family is to engage and keep families – to leave no one behind.

Evangelism Team Leader: A person who recruits and trains and executes evangelism efforts in a selected neighborhood. Evangelism team leaders are semi-autonomous in that they keep a schedule that works for the people in their group. These leaders work directly with the pastor.

Multi-Generational Interaction: Teens need spots to function in ministry efforts. Music, technical, teaching, missions, and leadership opportunities are all open. Interested teens should inquire directly with staff or be willing to give a hearty “YES” when asked to lead.

Prayer Leaders: An individual or family that recruits and organizes a team of prayer warriors. We will attach them to the present prayer leader to get them started.

Teacher Training: Cana’s discipleship goal is for every member to be able to teach. This is the promise of the New Covenant. The promise does not mean they lead a class but it does mean they have such a relationship with the Scripture that they can navigate the Bible on their own. Classes will be offered to enhance classroom teaching and personal biblical knowledge.

Adopt a Neighborhood: Evangelism and Prayer teams adopt neighborhoods in Burleson to evangelize and reach with the Gospel. Neighborhoods may be two to four blocks and should be the home neighborhood of one or more of the team members. The Adopted neighborhood will be engaged through block parties, prayer walks, crisis care, and door to door engagement.

Mission Champions: Mission Champions keep the interests, prayer needs, and ministry needs before the Missions Committee and the Church. As these people develop their relationship with the missionary, they might also help identify the mission opportunities available on location. They would be the primary point of contact and advocate for the missionary while they are away.

To review Cana Vision, Go here:

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