Kevin’s Bio

Kevin grew up in the humid flats along Interstate 45 between Houston and Galveston.  Tenth grade brought a change of scenery to San Angelo, TX where Kevin met his future wife Tracy in their church youth department.  Kevin surrendered to ministry under the biblical preaching of his pastor in San Angelo.  He also proposed to Tracy and the two married two weeks after Kevin graduated from Central High School.  Three years later on June 16, 2000 Kevin and Tracy welcomed Daniel Lane to the family followed by Brittany Mae on November 02, 2001.  Kevin graduated with two kids and five years of marriage.

A unique occasion allowed Kevin to enter ministry at Park Heights Baptist Church (now the Heights) as a second year college student.  His first position was as youth minister to the youth department he had attended himself.  During his college years, Kevin learned the ins and outs of student ministry and (later) worship leading.  Between youth, music, college, and family, Kevin funded the balance of his school journey by working for his father in the construction trades.  Change presses God’s people to new horizons, however, and the week of graduation Kevin turned the page on his youth/music ministry days.

Another unique occasion opened new opportunity for Kevin to enter pastoral ministry and lead his family to another town.  Alpine, TX is a remote outpost of far West Texas.  Hillside Baptist Church boasted troubles and trials for as long as anyone could remember.  With the membership now at four, its future rested in a little help from the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention and the Lord’s strong salvation.  Kevin and Tracy considered an offer to receive funding from the SBTC for six months as a test period to test if the church could overcome its past and move forward to a brighter future.  They jumped at the opportunity with no knowledge of what financial assistance would exist after that six months.  Christmas came, time ended, but the church now welcomed twenty-five new members each week.  Kevin and Tracy couldn’t leave.  Benjamin entered the Jordan fray on May 21, 2004 to a church of forty-five greeters.

Five years past and the Lord provided all the Jordan’s needs.  The church ministered to 120 by the Summer of 2008.  God commissioned a new chapter, however, and in late August Kevin and his family moved to Fort Worth to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Two and a half years of school and Kevin received his MDiv, ministered as worship pastor to a struggling church, and accepted a call to Parkview Baptist Church.  Parkview took the Jordan’s to Arlington, TX where they remained for 18 months. Parkview was an example of a church unwilling to listen to God.

In July 2014, Kevin began pastoring First Baptist Hempstead. First Baptist had significant problems both in organizational structure and ongoing ministry focus. Kevin focused his attention on unifying the congregation around ministry already happening and on developing new ministry to address the multi-ethnic complexion of Hempstead. Within a year the church was again growing and thriving. First Baptist now plays a key role in changing the city of Hempstead through a hope-filled gospel ministry. The church is truly a lighthouse for salvation, racial reconciliation, and hands-on ministry.

Kevin enjoys studying, playing guitar, coaching the kid’s sports teams, and reaching out to neighbors.  Side by side with her husband, Tracy is his constant companion.  She homeschools the two younger children, bakes the world’s greatest tasting bread, and supports the ministry her husband is doing.

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Bio

  1. Dear Kevin and Tracy,
    It is my understanding that you will be coming to Burleson this weekend as the candidate of the Pastor Search Committee in view of a call to shepherd Cana Baptist Church. Congratulations! The Pastor Search Committee is composed of some of Cana’s finest, most loved and trusted Christian leaders. Their confidence that you, Kevin, are God’s man for our church will carry a lot of influence. Our entire church has been praying faithfully (as have Becky and I) for God’s guidance in their lives over the past 16 months. It is with much excitement that our folk anticipate your arrival, getting to know you both, and having the opportunity to affirm the committee’s sense of divine leadership. Please be assured that Becky and I will be praying for you both this weekend. I will be so pleased when my beloved church family finally has a new shepherd in place. God bless and keep you and your family!
    Charles Stewart

    1. Bro. Charles, Thanks so much for the kind introduction and for the confidence. I look forward to Sunday with fear and trembling…and also great hope. When we get moved to town I look forward to connecting with you. Blessings on your and your family.

      Kevin Jordan

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